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What hope is there if we keep on cooking the planet? It is like living in a horror story.



Greenhouse gasses are those that build up in the atmosphere, as a result of anthropogenic excess, to cause warming of the planet.


On Earth, an atmosphere contains naturally occurring amounts of greenhouse gasses causes air temperature near the surface to be warmer by about 33 C (59 F) than it would be in their absence.


Without the Earth's atmosphere, the Earth's average temperature would be well below the freezing temperature of water, when life on Earth would cease. Hence, we need our envelope of gas to live, but not so much of a warm layer that we boil. The ocean and ice caps acts like a giant heat sink, absorbing 20 times more heat than the atmosphere.


It is a delicate balancing act, carried out in slow motion. The gradual speed of which, politicians are apt to take advantage of financially, with the burning of ecologically expensive fossil fuels.







THE CAUSES IN SECTORS - Transportation and energy for living are the main causes of greenhouse gas build up in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide and nitrous oxides, with agriculture loading us with methane and more nitrous oxides. Hence, we need to revise our eating habits and switch to renewable energy for our cars and industry as quickly as possible.





The major greenhouse gases are water vapour, which causes about 3670% of the greenhouse effect; carbon dioxide (CO2), which causes 926%; methane (CH4), which causes 49%; nitrous oxide that accounts for around 5.6% and ozone (O3), which causes 37%.


Greenhouse gasses and particulates from the burning of fossil fuels, is charging the air we breathe with carcinogens, causing lung cancer, as a prime example.


Unfortunately, we only have one planet, whereas, those who are used to exploitation, appear not to realise this. Or, simply do not care about others. Only bothering about themselves and how much money they can make, while Earth's unwritten constitution allows them to do so. And, that includes individuals and G20 nations. Where, the Group of Twenty, are more concerned with growing their economies, to make their politicians look plausible. When, the opposite is the truth. A failure to recognize the emergency state the planet faces, is the biggest problem.







ELECTION FRAUD - In any other sphere, if someone tells lies to obtain a pecuniary advantage, such as getting a paid job, they would be prosecuted. In British politics, Boris Johnson was allowed to deceive United Kingdom voters, with acceptance from Queen Elizabeth, who was also lied to. Politics has got to change to make fraudsters liable, with confiscation orders, and prison sentences - to deter candidates from telling porky pies to get their noses in the financial consultancy trough. And that is another loophole that needs to be closed. In effect, politicians are trained sales persons, no matter they are miss describing the goods they are pedaling. In the UK it is against the law to miss describe goods, under trading and advertising standards! This level of fraud can be applied to every politician what denies climate change. As a result, Bojo, sold the UK down the river, leaving the country and it's vulnerable citizens significantly poorer, by fueling the embers of the British Empire, long gone of course, but still voters were duped into voting illogically, by stoking their sense of national pride. Boris Johnson was eventually caught out lying about parties during Covid 19 lockdowns. Leaving the Conservative party in disgrace.





It is the politician's denial, that is the big worry. And that is because the mechanisms by which they are elected, are not transparent. Most modern leaders are in politics to make money by being powerful. Rather than, to steer a sustainable course. in order to cool the planet, we need to change voters opinions. And the laws about campaigning, so that it becomes an offence to lie to the media and electorate, during electioneering. The Big Red Bus campaign of Bojo, Clown of Europe, was an example of deception that should have been ruled illegal.









We live in a bubble that should be cozy, but in tune with nature, such as not to overheat. It is a delicate balancing act, where politicians are anything by delicate.







Apart from the air pollution, the burning of fossil fuels, creates greenhouse gases, that heat up the planet. This is called global warming. It is internationally recognised that fossil fuels, including coal and gas, are responsible for climate change. Alongside population growth. Where a garden is only so big, it cannot be made to grow more and more crops, and still avoid desertification.






THE DETAILS - Apart from CO2, CO4 and N2O, we have hydroflourocarbons, perflourocarbons and sulfur hexaflouride (HFC's, PFC's & SF6). It's a complicated gas soup with water vapour featuring prominently in the mix - something we cannot do much about. We can only deal with man-made gases.







In this fictional series, our hero is strongly opposed to all forms of pollution, and fossil fuels in particular, where they generate greenhouse gases. He is a conservationist first, and an activist second. Leading by example. John Storm captains a zero emission solar and hydrogen powered ship called the Elizabeth Swann.


John prefers to drive electric vehicles, whenever possible. He owns an electric Jeep, that he converted himself from a 4 litre petrol Cherokee, to run on green methanol, also to power fuel cells, as a hybrid, to be able to switch from internal combustion engine mode, to all electric mode. Albeit the ICE mode is clean, it still makes that throaty roar that men in particular, seem to equate with masculinity. It is also a reminder of how we have progressed from reciprocating piston engines, a minor engineering marvel, to more efficient electric motors, with only one moving part. ICE, is the dinosaur of transport.







DENIAL - Some politicians are too busy coughing and tweeting, to see the fumes they are choking on.





IGNITION - If the delicate balancing act is not maintained, we risk a turning point, where there is no going back - in our lifetimes. That is not to say that in millions of years in the future, planet earth might not stage a comeback. Don't forget, when dinosaurs walked the earth, and although not an intelligent species like humans, they could not have predicted total wipeout. But it did happen.














In your redemptive quest use our A - Z or steer a righteous course HOME toward enlightenment praise the Lord




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